To call ourselves a sustainable business, we must have good principles and the right culture embedded into our own business.

The term sustainability embraces economic and social issues, many of which we already address—fair access to opportunities for all, human rights, and ethical business practices.

Environmental issues such as climate change and the availability of natural resources are also an important element, so we formed a ‘green team’ to identify anything we were doing that could have a negative impact. As a result, we made some simple changes, including improving our energy and water usage and reducing our waste.

Because we wanted to extend our impact, we added an environmental section to our Suppliers Code of Conduct, asking our partners to work with us to support our green initiatives. We also wrote an Assignment Green Code which we share with all our contractors, so they can help us to reduce harmful effects on the environment.

Our detailed environmental management system is aligned to ISO 40001, an internationally agreed standard.

These are just a few of the things we are doing. Our green team members are always looking out for ideas, so if you have any suggestions they would love to hear from you. Please email us at