Certainty of Service after Brexit

Certainty of Service after Brexit

As a recruitment business that delivers key resources to our UK client base,  Brexit will have no detrimental effect on our ability to ensure continuity of service, whether the UK leaves the EU with a deal or not. Our services remain completely aligned to your business in times of change and we will continue to support your organisation with key skills and experience.

To provide you with further understanding of our operating model, we can confirm the following:

  • Our operating model does not rely on Continental Europe for its effectiveness either in terms of physical location or employees and candidates

  • The majority of our employees are UK or Indian citizens and we have confidence in being able to continue to employ and recruit, post-Brexit, as our business evolves

  • Contractors and permanent candidates on client assignment and on our active database are mainly UK citizens, therefore we have confidence that skills provision will not be impeded.

  • We have sought Brexit assurances and contingency plans from suppliers who support our business model with systems, services and candidate channels to ensure continuity of service

We are completely focused on delivering to our clients' current demand, service requirements and objectives, but as needs do evolve as a result of the Brexit outcome and resulting impacts, we are on hand to discuss your requirements, and our flexible operating model means our services can be readily adapted.

Much of the recruitment legislation that affects employers and users of contract and temporary resources emanates from the European Union, in addition to regulations and controls that are UK established.  It is our understanding that in the short term at least this legislation will remain in force. Sopra Steria Recruitment ensures compliance with all legislation as well as helping our clients understand potential risks through our Legislative Best Practice programme. We anticipate no immediate change to the legislative landscape, however we will continue to follow and communicate any potential changes.

If you do have any specific queries relating to Brexit, you can get in touch with us at contact.recruitment@soprasteria.com.

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